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europe_pol_2004So, today topic is Latvians. And the first question is – what is Latvian? Is it a herb on animal? Where does it live or eat? The answer to this question is simple – Latvian is a citizen of a small country called Latvia which is located in north Europe and it is one of three Baltic States. Our beloved neighbor countries are Lithuania and Estonia which are two remaining Baltic States. So, Latvians are also called Baltics. There are about 2,272,300 inhabitants in here but only 59% are Latvians and that is not much.

To make it more not-so-boring, I will just make a little list about us – Latvians. (The list of stereotypes, but not stereotypes)

  1. Hardworking. Yes, hardworking. It is in our nature and I guess, that is because throughout the history, we were peasants and does peasant do? It work hard so he can survive and live a good life.
  2. Racist, yes, most of us are. And I think it is because we are a pretty closed society thanks to the soviet times. So, the racism is like a defense mechanism, because unknown means it can be dangerous and what we do to the unknown – we become a little bit (or a lot) aggressive.
  3. Most Latvians are known for their hospitality. If you are guest to our house, you will be fed and treated kindly, because we feel an obligation to treat you well.
  4. Latvians are also tough and that is thanks to our climate and history as peasants. We can work long hours; we can get to point A to point B in -24 C and not complain about it.
  5. Latvians are not ambitious. Even word “ambitious” in Latvian sounds like a bad thing. Ambitious people are considered rude and mean.
  6. Our language means a lot to us. Is is considered as our main identity and all language related topics are watched closely like referendum about Russian language as our second language.
  7. Latvians fear change. Is is considered as something unknown even dangerous like The Euro topic. We don’t embrace change, the old is safe, there is nothing better than old, ggod, well known things.
  8. There is a joke that typical Latvians always in a bad mood.
  9. Typical Latvian is very patient.
  10. Most of Latvians on Saturday (or in any free day) will get ready like in a typical work day just to go to the mall for some milk and eggs.
  11. Latvians LOVE hockey!
  12. Typical Latvian is always broke.
  13. All Latvians lock the doors when go out. And it is dangerous to leave open house, because your all stuff will be robbed.
  14. Some say that Latvians are always jealous, but that’s  not entirely true – some of just are not that ambitious to care.
  15. Some say that typical Latvian is indecisive. (If you have your two favourite flavors of ice cream in store, you won’t be able to choose, how could you. So, you will just take two ice creams or the one which is cheaper.)
  16. Typical Latvian will always look after their money and will make economical conscious decisions.. because he is always broke.
  17. Typical Latvian doesn’t trust businessmen. He or she is considered as an evil wizard with dark powers because nobody can make that much money to maintain their business because nobody is spending money.
  18. Typical Latvian can sing and some of them can dance. (Our singing culture is advanced, even we don’t win any big singing contests.)
  19. Typical Latvian is tall, thin, blonde and with blue eyes (most common stereotype, but Latvians are in all shapes and colors, but here you can find many blonde people).

So, that’s it for the list of typical Latvians (all the points are true, but not in all cases).

Yeah, I almost forgot. The other author of this blog (Signe), as requested, did a little experiment on Omegle (the pictures below). She asked to them: ”Do you know where is Latvia?” And it was interesting to see the results. Some strangers were nice and some weren’t. These aren’t the results you can get scientific proofs, but it’s still interesting.









That’s it for today.


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