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It’s all about discipline

These days we can find many books or articles about self-improvement and how to be successful and the writers give many advises and tips reminding you that you are perfect and there is nothing to change and so on. bla … Continue reading

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The Trust And Bigger Picture.

Our world evolutions comes together with .. well, some dark things. Democracy may not be the as it seems, because its main power does not belong to people any more, but belogs to few, who have unlimited power and they … Continue reading

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Usual Latvian

Hello there! So, today topic is Latvians. And the first question is – what is Latvian? Is it a herb on animal? Where does it live or eat? The answer to this question is simple – Latvian is a citizen … Continue reading

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The Knife – band from Sweden which can make good music

Hello there! Recently i have been looking for new and good music bands because it’s summer break before first year of university. And I have found some good bands I can proudly share with.. and one of them is The … Continue reading

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First post!

Hey there! We are proudly introducing you all with our new project – this blog. We  – me and my friend (The dark tea drinkers) will write about interesting things all around us, about our hobbies, books, movies and so … Continue reading

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